December 31, 2009

2009: what I got

I never explicitly told you this, but my resolution for 2009 was "choose adventure." It was what I told myself when I decided to buy Cookie in December 2008. Choosing adventure as a credo meant that given a choice between action and inaction, the choice was to be action. Adventure was to be taken in ways both big and small. If friends called and said, "Let's go out," then choosing adventure meant saying yes. I wanted a motto rather than a specific goal because I found the idea to be more lifestyle-changing and also more motivating than an individual resolution.

Some adventures I chose (and some that chose me):

bought a horse
went to Disneyland
shot a Winchester rifle
drove through open range BLM roads in Utah
climbed a tiny dead volcano in Hawaii
met Nub
lost Nub
found Nub
walked along the Hollywood Walk of Fame
drove a four-wheeler
swam across the Columbia River
stayed out all night with friends
wrote letters every day for one month
moved in with a roommate
ate cupcakes with my sister in southern California
met Philip Glass
went on a blind date
cut a rug at my cousin's wedding
starred in my own episode of reality TV
soaked naked in a hot tub with friends
worked at the opera, symphony, and baroque orchestra
won ribbons at a horse show
stood on a roof in Manhattan
drank countless martinis
suffered through countless hangovers
got stranded for a night in Honolulu
swam from Sunset Beach to Ocean Isle, NC (and back)
cut my finger open and got baby's first stitches
caught a fast ground ball to second with my knee
went vegetarian for a month
played a role onstage in an opera
participated in a zombie apocalypse
ate a real grasshopper
read a couple books
threw a sweet, sweet holiday party
wrote this blog, sometimes

2009 was an extraordinary year, overflowing with goodness. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the shape of my life -- the work that I do, the place where I live, all the people near and far whom I have the great privilege to call friends. I hope that 2010 is full of wonder and adventure, peace and affection, satisfaction and contentment, accomplishment and joy. For all of us.


  1. To borrow from bravissimi's tagline: Well done, Jess. Well. Done.