July 13, 2009

I can't help but blame the knife

on friday, just after getting home from my half-day at work (the opera works half-day fridays every july), I was in the middle of making myself my favorite sandwich -- fried egg, gouda, tomato, avocado, and a huge helping of black pepper -- when the knife slipped as I was slicing the gouda and I cut my left index finger wide open. I tolerate pain pretty well when it's sports-related injury or bruising, but I'm a baby when it comes to sudden trauma. I ran the cut under water and then wrapped it in a ball of paper towels as I shakily looked up "how do I know if I need stitches?" on the internet, and whimpered to myself. finally I called the advice nurse at Kaiser and they made an appointment for late afternoon. the advice nurse was very sweet and talked me through what I should do in the meantime. ("OK, do you have band-aids? wrap it in a band-aid -- tight -- and then DON'T TOUCH THE BAND-AID. now just wait and keep it pointed up to heaven").

I had intended on using the afternoon to finish packing all the dumb stuff that was left over in my apartment, and to dismantle a couple big pieces of furniture that couldn't be moved intact. instead I sat and read a book and held my finger in the "I'm #1" position for 2 hours as I waited for my appointment. at the doctor's office I was a big baby when I had to take off the bandage -- the adhesive was very strong and re-opened the cut -- but it was cool to get a nerve block on my finger (weird! just like novocaine) and kind of awesome to watch my skin get sewn up. now I'm sporting a spongebob band-aid and 3 stitches. baby's first stitches!

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