February 7, 2009


number seven on the list -- stay out all night.


last night was opening night of the opera. it had been a long, tired day; I swore to my friends that I wasn't going out after the celebratory company cast party. "Not even if we go to the enchanted forest," I said.

what a liar! in the end we went to another bar to play pool and eat tater tots; we ended up at a friend's house to play mario kart. once I realized my goal was accidentally within reach (it was 4:30 when we began to head home), I wasn't sure I could convince anyone to stay out with me. I even made it home to my apartment, but fortunately one of our friends saved me. we tried to hit up voodoo donuts -- they claim to be open all night -- but ended up eating french toast & pancakes at the hotcake house. I got home at 8 AM. exhausting, amazing.

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