October 25, 2009

zombie invasion

we walked like zombies through the streets of Portland yesterday. a flash mob of zombies. blood everywhere. moaning. a call for braaaaaaains. inside restaurants and storefront windows, the survivors stood in various states of puzzlement, amusement, bewilderment, horror.


zombie police helped direct traffic. zombie dogs strolled along, blood dripping from their snouts. an occasional zombie drove a car along the route.

a black bus full of zombie hunters, dressed in riot gear and wearing gas masks, pulled up alongside the invading horde with laser guns and chainsaws. zombies clawed at the windows.

hunter bus

there were some other creepy characters too.

at the end of the walk, an impromptu performance of Thriller broke out in the square. (it was AWESOME.)

it seems to have been a one day outbreak. I'm feeling much better today.

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