January 8, 2010

welcome back

hi internet. remember me? that person who's been studiously avoiding the fact that it's 2010 now? and there should be resolutions? and plans? and goals? and maybe a blog post or two?

sorry about that. I put the new year on hold for a week. I had to set my priorities. there was a party.

party mashup

last night was the company holiday party -- hollywood theme. costumes were, of course, encouraged. after struggling to think of something to do, the lady gaga idea struck me in a flash on monday afternoon. I spent the next three days bent over my desk, folding origami tulips, chaining them together with very thin wire, and then affixing them to my dress. not to mention finding the perfect fishnets, and pinning the dress up to be impossibly, scandalously short. and finding a wig with good bangs.

after tomorrow (another celebration, of a different variety), maybe then it can be 2010. until then, I'm in some sort of complicated limbo. time has ceased to exist so long as the parties last.

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