June 1, 2009

28, happy

birthday brigade

these past four days have been full of joy. I got to see my sister and brother-in-law and nephew (none of whom I'd seen in two years -- long story); I got to hang out with cristina in santa barbara, mostly eating too much food and driving around. I spent yesterday in hollywood with my friend josh, whom I've known for 17 years. the whole weekend was packed with visits and celebrations, with blowing out candles and eating delicious food, driving past the beach, being happy just to exist. and also DISNEYLAND.

I hardly need to tell you anything about disneyland except that it was as joyful as I anticipated. every birthday celebrant gets an "it's my birthday!" button, which meant that every 7 minutes or so a disney staff member was wishing me a happy day. I can't recommend it enough. and mr. toad's wild ride was exactly as fun as I remembered. space mountain was even MORE fun than I remembered, and that's saying something. cristina brought her mom, and dayna (my sister) and my nephew gavin came too. I might have gotten a kiss from minnie mouse. just saying.

I did not complete even half of the things on the list, but you know? it's OK. I wrote the list in january, so I haven't even had half a year to complete them. and besides, shouldn't we always be crafting new dreams for ourselves?

matterhorn sisters

so now I'm 28. I am recklessly full of joy. the last few days, despite over-eating and fatigue and probably spending too much money, were wholly satisfying and wonderful. it was good just to go shopping with cristina, and to sit drinking milkshakes with dayna, and to pick up my nephew and carry him around 'mickey mouse's house,' as he calls it. it was undoubtedly the best birthday I've had in ages -- maybe ever.

a new friar in town

also: there was kissing. it was unexpected; it was very late in the trip. it was like buttercream icing on top of the world's most perfect cake.

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