November 5, 2012

a recent middle of the night meal
a bowl of trader joe's o's
two pieces of deli cheddar cheese

some tasks I have run for our giovanni
hot and sour soup delivery
hot and sour soup delivery
drive to and from spray tan
hot and sour soup delivery

things I fantasize about when I consider taking the whole week off at thanksgiving
staying in bed
watching korean tv
hot chocolate
no human contact

what I will probably actually be doing the week of thanksgiving
running projections for a disney show with the symphony and trying to look professional while I sing along under my breath

a decent metaphor for my heart
two and a half years ago I was knocked down as I was trying to maneuver several hundred pounds of hay. on my right thigh I have a scar from being forcefully slammed into the lip of the little truck I was driving. it's a visible dent, the width of maybe two fingers. it's fully healed, just dented. if I push on it, it produces a very dull ache.

I believe this is how this thing with g will always be: a thing that will heal with time but will somehow, also, always hurt.

recent google searches
how to build a balloon arch
balloon arch tape
red chuck taylors
fraggle rock theme song
piriformis spasm
bob woodruff hairpiece
peter dinklage

single word said recently to the opera timpanist which subsequently made him crack up

top 5 favorite candies, as requested by the timpanist
cadbury cream eggs
laffy taffy (strawberry or cherry only, none of that banana-flavored shit)
charleston chew
gummi sour apple rings

bottom 5, as requested by no one
candy corn
jelly beans
red vines
necco wafers

backstage noises I have been asked to make in the past seven years, onomotopoeia style
bang bang bang

the general consensus
still sad

a probably true thing
I'm going to have to write my way out of this.


  1. I worry about falling out of the hay loft attached to the hay hook every day. Fritz fell out of the loft once doing just what you did and broke his leg. Scary!
    I know that's not really what your post was about. At all. But I just thought I'd share my random thoughts.
    Love ya girl.

  2. If we kept our hay in a hay loft (we just keep it in a separate barn), I would have been a goner, seriously. Be careful up there!!

    And I'm not sure what this point of this post is at all! Except maybe another excuse to show off old bruises. :) Love you too, lady.