February 21, 2010

a good weekend

yesterday morning, brilliant airy blue sky; by 9:30 I was at the barn, the back doors thrown open to the sunlight. Cookie rolled & snorted the dust out of her nose. Up by her stall, she stood in the cross-ties while I untangled her mane, too long braided, with my fingers. Our riding lesson was better than usual, lately -- she threatened to buck, throwing her head down to her knees, but I managed to ride her through it each time. At the canter she finally gave in and complied. We loafed around the arena bareback for awhile, my dark breeches covered in white hair.

what a nice weekend. for nearly a week now it's been gloriously nice here, sunny and in the 50s. it feels sinful after the week of snow at home, but it's been a blessing too. I was pretty blue at the start of the week, totally overwhelmed by funerals and stress and feeling like I had no idea what direction my life was headed. it's amazing what a little sunshine will do.

nice day

this afternoon I went over to the library. I dropped 3 books and came back with 7. hopeless. I meandered over to the tack store downtown in hopes of checking out their saddles. did I mention that I've just now realized my saddle doesn't fit my horse? I've looked it over several times in the past but only yesterday did I realize that it's too narrow in the shoulder, which means it's tipped back, which is why I can't get my damn legs in the right position. I'm sure it's hurting her too. so now I'm tentatively beginning to look for a new one. to the tune, I'm sure, of several hundred dollars.

the tack store, however, was closed. so I wandered down to the waterfront, where I walked barefoot through the grass. barefoot through the grass! in february! thanks, universe.

then Nub and I went to the world's smallest park.
Nub and the world's smallest park

so, see you later, number seventeen.
Nub playing with park wildlife

I was really happy to discover a tiny treasure trove of wild park animals: a butterfly, a horse, and two dinosaurs. I'll have to go back and visit to see if anybody else moves in.

On my way home, I passed a mustache on a pillow. Good day.
mustache on a pillow

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