June 2, 2009

28 things to do before I turn 29

1. Eat a doner at Doner Kebab
2. Go kayaking around Ross Island
3. Brave the long route in Ape Cave
4. Swim across the Columbia River
5. Eat beef head tacos at the Rose Festival
6. Hike Beacon Rock
7. Go to Paris with a girlfriend
8. Get a motorcycle license
9. Read the Bible
10. Go to the nude beach (nude)
11. Compete in the Mississippi Pizza Adult Spelling Bee
12. Watch the Vaux's Swifts
13. Finish reading all the Pulitzer winning novels
14. Get a Garmin Forerunner
15. Play Brahms clarinet sonatas with Rob
16. Compete in a triathlon
17. Visit Mill Ends Park (the world's smallest park)
18. Eat an insect
19. Fall in love with someone or something that matters
20. Pay off one of my credit cards. For good. Seriously.
21. Go skiing
22. Climb a volcano
23. Finish War & Peace
24. Shave my head
25. Run in a scramble
26. Eat boiled peanuts at the beach in North Carolina
27. Catch fireflies in a jar
28. Read 100 books

as always, inspired by the beautiful andrea at hula seventy

1 comment:

  1. I would volunteer to go to paris this you but... I've been to france for the past 2 summers and I think this year I have to take a break for $$ reasons. Maybe add it to the things to do before 30 list! x x x