January 12, 2011

books 2011

1. betty smith: joy in the morning
2. jean thompson: who do you love
3. cory doctorow: down and out in the magic kingdom
4. p.g. wodehouse: my man jeeves
5. d.h. lawrence: the rainbow
6. david grann: the lost city of z
7. isaac bashevis singer: shosha
8. karen pryor: don't shoot the dog! the new art of teaching and training
9. jason tesar: the awakened: part one
10. laura whitcomb: a certain slant of light
11. thich nhat hanh: true love
12. george r.r. martin: a game of thrones: a song of ice and fire
13. mike foster: gracenomics
14. malcolm gladwell: what the dog saw, and other adventures
15. suzanne collins: the hunger games
16. suzanne collins: catching fire
17. suzanne collins: mockingjay
18. stieg larsson: the girl with the dragon tattoo
19. malcolm gladwell: blink: the power of thinking without thinking


  1. I'm going to join you on the quest. With a 45 min commute each way to, well, everywhere, my kindle and I are having a lot of quality time.

    1. The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer. Grade: B. (sadly, the movie has nothing in common except the name.)

    2. The twelfth Imam by Joel C Rosenberg.
    Just started it today. 3% done.

    Let me know if you get any reeeeally good ones!

  2. I thought the Holy Grail Number was Three? No More than three, no less than three. Begin with one, proceed to two, then on to three, pull the pin and throw...