July 3, 2010

small victories

  • finally fixed my laptop, whose internal fan has been running constantly -- for no reason -- for almost two weeks.
  • updated my address with various insurance agencies, subscription services, doctor's offices, and banks
  • rode my horse for the first time in two weeks. I thought she was going to be unmanageable, but she was a sweetheart. she didn't give me any trouble (except one little buck which was kind of my fault) and moved like a total dream. my instructor said, "some days she looks like a $5,000 horse, and then there are days like today when she looks like a $20,000 horse."
  • broke the psychological barrier and packed some boxes. I got my keys to the new place last night, and moved a tiny carload over today. threw open all the windows, plugged in an air freshener, and stood in the living room scratching my head, trying to decide on the future configuration of my furniture.
next on the agenda:
  • sell a bunch of said furniture
  • take a bunch of stuff to Goodwill
  • pack my entire kitchen
  • ride my horse again! twice in two days!
  • heal from my random, softball-induced injuries (hip flexor, foot)
  • get to the other side of this mountain of stress, already

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