May 1, 2010

derby day

We take the Kentucky Derby very seriously in my family. Observe:

Our choices: Mom - Mission Impazible
Travis - Awesome Act
Ashley - Sidney's Candy

I got my mint today. I'm placing bets online tomorrow. Saturday, I'm putting together some kind of beautiful hat to wear. Coverage starts at 4:00. I'll call you around 5:30 and we can
talk about Bob and anybody else that's noteworthy.


(Bob, by the way, is the trainer Bob Baffert, who my mother and I have fun loathing for various reasons.)

I spent most of the rest of my day dyeing my hair.

round one: bleach


round one: bleach

round one: goldenrod

round two: dye

round 2: dye

dye results (wet)

dye results (dry)

round three: dye (again)

dye results, part two

I picked blonde because it was the color I would be least likely to dye my hair if I actually were going to do it on a permanent basis. I thought it would look wretched but it's actually kind of fun, in an artificial, Barbie sort of way.

Tomorrow is the shave. The reality of what 'shaving your head' means is beginning to sink in.

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  1. Cute!
    Is it too late to "chicken out" about that whole cancer-awareness thing?

    I'm sure there is a Seinfeld episode that would suit that situation.

    x x o o