March 2, 2010


upcoming awesomeness:

3/4: the first Urban Adventure run
3/7: horse show, but I'm probably not going to compete (we're not ready)
3/14: Shamrock 15K race
3/20: Santiam Canyon 5-mile scramble
some Tuesday in March: hanging out with Twitter friends for Booze Tues[day]
all of March: a crap-ton of rehearsals interspersed throughout (though not as many as my stage management friends, god help them)
4/9-12: MOLA conference
late April-May: playing a floozy in the last opera (really)
late May: my BIRTHDAY (plans TBA)
early June: a friend is coming out and we're gonna go BACKPACKING and eat our way through PDX

so, spring is good. did I tell you I won the internship to the MOLA conference this year? it's awarded to a librarian in the first five years of his/her career. this was my last year of eligibility so I went for it. I'll be on hand to help the host librarian work the conference in exchange for 2 free nights of lodging (at the $120 a night conference hotel) and a waived $150 conference fee. I'm really proud about it and excited to meet so many LIBRARIANS! performance librarians! exclamation points!

that's all. by June I hope to be a lean, mean, awesome machine.

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