October 19, 2009

what I have been doing instead of blogging

  • reading pulitzer prize winning novels
  • eating my roommate's homemade soup
  • rubbing liniment on my horse's legs after she was in a car/trailer accident (everyone's fine)
  • rearranging the living room
  • re-rearranging the living room, and then squinting, and then moving the rug four inches, and then squinting some more
  • declaring the living room rearrangement a success
  • eat.sweat.blogging
  • wearing galoshes, for lo, the rains are upon us
  • preparing for nanowrimo, a process which so far has just amounted to thinking, "I should prepare for nanowrimo"
  • walking quietly under the red lanterns at the art museum, alone, on a cool rainy evening
  • knitting a hat for my halloween costume
  • listening to and thinking obsessively about Philip Glass music

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