June 16, 2009

summer, eternal

the kids are out of school now. I am envious of them; not necessarily for their long, expansive summers full of sunshine and boredom, books to read, pools to swim in -- although of course I envy that too -- but rather for those few days of delicious anticipation just before school lets out, and that wonderful afternoon when you step off the bus and realize this is it, you're free, you're in the next grade, and there is so much time between then and now it might as well be eternity. don't you remember those days? it's warm out, you're wearing shorts, you've been waiting to wear shorts for all those long cold months. in class the teachers have mostly given up; you're watching Disney movies and having cupcake parties and getting your friends to sign memory books, planning sleepovers and feeling a sharp pang of regret that you won't see the boy you have a crush on until NEXT YEAR and that's forever. but maybe you'll go to that friend's house who lives in his neighborhood and maybe he'll be walking down the street and you can sneak a peek.

I think there's nothing in adult life to rival that moment.

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