March 20, 2009

the show goes on

during this weekend of shows, I thought I'd share this with you. Kim over at the Wolftrap Opera blog posted this last year. "No matter how exciting it is here," she writes, "it's obviously more exciting somewhere else." I think of it every time we do a show.

(12:16:06 PM): just doing Siegfried
(12:16:15 PM): we had 2 feet of flooding in the basement
(12:16:22 PM): but the electrics still work
(12:16:28 PM): firemen everywhere
(12:16:31 PM): pumping
(12:16:40 PM): and a bunch of really wet rich people in the house
(12:16:55 PM): we left our office through the window
(12:17:02 PM): but just were able to come back
(12:17:05 PM): quite something
(1:58:14 PM): they pumped the lower stage and we’re doing Act II

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