May 29, 2017

kareem tayyar, 'on turning 37'

Today you remind yourself that although Buddy Holly was 17
       When he first sang “Peggy Sue”,
And that Fitzgerald was 24 when he published This Side of Paradise,
And that Dylan was only 21 when he composed
       “Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands”
       In the studio while the other musicians shot pool and played cards,

Whitman was 37 when he wrote “Song of Myself”,
Rousseau was 40 when he first picked up a paintbrush in his Paris apartment
       And began creating those indelible images of the African jungles
       That were largely responsible for the birth of Modern Art,
And even J.F.K,
       He of that perpetual youth and beauty that signaled a departure from
       The grandfather-politics of men like Eisenhower and Truman,
Was 43 when he took the oath of office for the Presidency.

In other words,
Go back to sleep, buddy.
There is still plenty of time to climb the mountain,
And there is no reason to think that your best days are already behind you.

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