April 24, 2017

uhhh, hey.


yup. hey.

some time has passed. some things have happened, I guess?

like .. where do you even start? in the obvious place I guess, which is that we got a dog and he is the best, sorry other dogs.

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A post shared by @librarianjess on

I don't even know.

I stopped my running streak. jesus lord have I neglected this blog, holy hell. okay. I stopped running on day 650 because I was tired. as it turned out I had a horrible infection in a tooth I'd had a root canal in, and the infection went undiagnosed for about 18 months and I was so tired and sick I thought I was dying. LOL THANKS WILLAMETTE DENTAL.

I thought I had lyme disease, so I lied my way into a long round of antibiotics, and then I had the tooth pulled and they were shocked at how big the infection was despite the antibiotics (and they didn't know that I'd been taking really strong antibiotics for basically forever). I got better. but like, not all the way? then I saw a lot of doctors and eventually a naturopath and she took me seriously and tested all my thyroid levels and now I take thyroid medicine and I am able to dry my hair in the mornings without having to rest my elbow on the bathroom counter, which I couldn't do for months and so I consider it a win.

I gained 20 pounds because I was tired, but also my Two Dots game was impeccable, and I'm still coming back from all of it. two days ago I ran a ten-mile race on literally zero training  -- it was my tenth run of 2017 -- and still managed to finish not-dead-last and I'm not even sore? so maybe aging isn't so bad.

this is the worst 18-months-overdue blog update ever. sorry.

I don't know? I live in the same house I lived in before, except now the yard looks a lot better and I have mason bees and lots of hummingbirds and bats and ummm the occasional dead rat in the basement. once, last fall, a rat got caught in a rat trap but didn't die, and my boyfriend, who is otherwise a good person, suggested just leaving it, but that felt too inhumane to me so instead I took it outside, still in the snap trap, and bludgeoned it to death with a hammer. we all looked at me differently after that.

I had said a prayer over it first. for the record.

I have dreams about the opera. I have dreams about other places. I have dreams about you. things are the same, and different. hello. welcome back.