June 2, 2015

uh, june

where do I begin.

I'm on a plane somewhere above missouri. I'm drinking a glass of wine and working online, two things I never do at 30,000 feet because I'm too cheap/poor. but I was supposed to fly out yesterday and was waylaid by thunderstorms so, whatever.

I flew home on friday (my 34th birthday, for the record) because my littlest siblings graduated from their respective high schools this weekend. I came in on a red eye, went straight to a picnic at my old high school, ran into my former french teacher (who still recognized me and who was shocked to discover I was 34; thanks, mr. baier), ate a hot dog, got sunburned. we went home and I unpacked and then we picked up crabs and beer and the guy at the liquor store told me not to carry the case of beer I was carrying because "it'll hurt the baby" ??????? which is the first time I've ever been mistaken for pregnant and it was so ludicrous that I couldn't do anything but burst out laughing. then we ate crabs and drank beers and there was ice cream cake and I went to sleep. 

also my mom and brother greeted me at the airport with a mylar HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner and a tiara, so it was all pretty good.

on saturday, my sister's graduation was at 10 am and my brother's was at 7 pm, and in between there was a lot of driving and a little napping, and I fell asleep in our hammock and woke up with a terrible headache, which eventually meant I threw up in the parking lot behind friendly's while my family ate a late, post-graduation dinner. 

then I hung my head out the window as we drove back to my mom's, threw up in her front field, and ran a mile at 11:40 pm. #blessed

on sunday we threw a graduation party where we somehow had 60 people over, and I still had a headache but I did at least get to hang out with my extended family and their respective small offspring, having not seen them since christmas. which was nice. there was a lot of cake. 

yesterday my sister and I went on a trail run (day 517), stood up to our knees in the gunpowder river (still too cold to swim in), went for snowballs, and came home. I'm happy to report that I let her drive me around a few times over the course of the weekend without having a panic attack.

then my family drove me to the airport and said goodbye, and I bought a $10 bagel sandwich (wtf) and boarded the plane, which then sat on the tarmac for an hour before we were told we were grounded due to thunderstorms. we exited the plane in a very slow trickle. I stood in line at the gate for about an hour and a half, rebooked for today, called my mom, and was picked up five hours after being dropped off. we came home and I more or less went immediately to bed.

this morning I painted my nails, stalked the birds in my mom's backyard through a pair of binoculars (if I haven't mentioned the elaborate birding competition my entire extended family is currently in the middle of ... well, we're currently in the middle of an elaborate birding competition), and drove back to the airport. 

now I am on a plane. which I've already mentioned. I'm contemplating a second glass of wine, like some kind of lush.

so that sums up the last four days. as for the rest of things, I just don't even know, internet. here:

- in a dramatic, whirlwind turn of events, my gentleman friend (of four months, THAT'S RIGHT, INTERNET) and I rented a house together and are moving in 29 days. I am 1% HOLY SHIT and 99% excited out of my mind, both at the prospect of shacking up with him and at the prospect of doing so in a HOUSE like a GROWNUP. 

- and with a yard. A YARD.

- after having strange dizzy spells for the last several months, I finally went to the doctor and got a battery of blood work done and discovered that I have a pretty severe iron deficiency and a B12 deficiency, which is unfortunate proof that one cannot live on candy and pastries alone. I am iron deficient but not anemic, but I tell everyone I'm anemic because the symptoms are the same -- extreme fatigue, light-headedness, lack of appetite, easy bruising, etc -- and it's too complicated to explain otherwise. I'm taking a ludicrous amount of supplements and going back for more tests in two months and I'm really hoping that once everything levels out that I'll be suddenly extremely fast and strong. you know, bionic.

- uh, I don't really know. I'm still running? I got through day 500 and I'm still chugging along. I'm trying to hate it less. this is another reason I'm SUPER EXCITED about moving: new running routes!! And we're moving to north portland, where I have never lived and therefore barely know at all, so everything is strange and there's lots of exploring and I can stop being bored for awhile. 

life is good but I struggle daily with finding balance. it feels like the move will eventually help things to settle down, but in the interim it's all going to be harder, I think. maybe one day I'll learn how to live a regular-person life without being dreadfully overwhelmed? maybe.

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