December 19, 2014

airport dispatch

current contents of my purse, which apparently I borrowed from mary poppins

three magazines (outside magazine and game informer, which I like to think are duking it out in there)
three pens
noise-canceling headphones
water bottle
phone charger, ipad charger
a secret santa gift for a oiselle teammate
a bag of chocolate chips
eyeglasses case
battery operated christmas lights

I'm in the Vegas airport on what was already the world's longest layover, now made longer by a plane delay. many singing bells and jingles from the slot machines. I chanced taking a sleeping pill before I knew about the delay, so it's possible that I'll wake up here sometime tomorrow afternoon.

I keep having flashes of panic that I've forgotten to run, when actually I ran at 5:30 this morning. day 353.

plans in maryland include watching british romantic dramas with my kid sister, sleeping, wearing pajamas, making gingerbread waffles. wrapping presents. drinking coffee. what I've been fantasizing about, though, is running the trails: ground hard from the cold, trees bare, streams low. the quiet. maybe a stray deer. the woods are what I look forward to; even though we have plenty of forest in oregon, there's none I know so well.

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