June 2, 2014

san diego:


- entering a 5k the morning of the race, uncertain of intent: racing or running? the answer being racing, of course, always and forever. running wildly dehydrated, on legs trashed from 11 hours of driving the day before. I placed 4th in my age group, running something like 23:37, two minutes off my PR but a good showing given the circumstances. afterwards there was brunch. I love you, brunch.

- paddleboarding on mission bay again. headstands on paddleboards again. because if you can balance on your head in the middle of open water, you should.


- trying on every pair of running shoes in my size in search of the holy grail of shoes: a pair as soft and cushiony and light and flexible as the pumas I bought three years ago right before the model was discontinued. one of the girls working in the store (where my sister knows everyone and is so comfortable that she pulled the shoes from the stock room herself) told me I was looking for an impossible shoe. but she was wrong:


skechers. who knew. I guess kara goucher and meb geflegzhi are onto something?

- lounging poolside with a book, because I am real good at that skill now. I am an olympic pool sitter.

- running. obviously.

- eating ice cream. obviously.

- borrowing my sister's boyfriend's truck and driving to the beach one morning (my sister was at work) and being hit on (politely) over the course of the morning by two separate dudes. thanks, dudes.


- with the exception of ice cream, all I ate was tacos. ALL THE TACOS

- dayna and I discovered that we both eat bananas in the same weird way: naked. we take them out of their peels first. both of us have been teased about this. neither of us knew the other did it too. banana twins, y'all.

it was so good to be in california. it felt like a summer kickoff, which I suppose it was. it was good to be on the road, to be in motion, to have something new happening every day. it was good to see my sister. I hadn't visited in a year and a half. the only challenge of this trip, really (other than the part where at the beginning I had no money; that's over now) is not having enough time anywhere. I would have liked more time to camp, more time to climb things in joshua tree, more time to eat pizza with my sister, time enough to drive to santa barbara and visit cristina (I could have driven there but it would have meant some long hours of driving and, like, two hours in SB). but you either keep moving and go lots of places or you sit still. you can't really have both. at least not in just three weeks' time.

and now: the other coast.

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