June 24, 2014

day 175

what you learn when you run 175 days in a row:

- if you run in minimalist shoes long enough, 'regular' shoes feel so flipping heavy
- you can subsist on two sports bras as long as you have a washer/dryer in your apartment
- it takes about 150 days to see any sort of significant improvement in speed, or at least it does when you've more or less spent the last two years not running
- you can only run the same loops around your neighborhood so many times before they are so ungodly boring
- trail running > road running by a factor of like, nine million, which is inconvenient given my distance from most trails
- running in new neighborhoods is at least better than running in your own dumb neighborhood
- there are never enough shoes

things that will happen to you in 175 days:
- everything will take turns hurting
- things will also mysteriously stop hurting, which is nice but also kind of unhelpful, since ... where did it come from and why is it gone?
- you will end up dropping out of some races (recently: the bowerman 5K, the pine hollow triathlon) because you value the streak over the racing and because maybe you have a stress fracture? but you don't actually know because you're in health insurance limbo for a few weeks?
- you will wrap your maybe-stress-fractured leg and run on it anyway, which you will find strangely aesthetically pleasing, much in the same way you found crutches appealing when you were in the third grade.
- you will accidentally run into some sort of stinging insect with your leg and get stung and it will itch right at your sock line for over two weeks
- the day after this occurs, you will have a bug fly into your eye and get stuck there
- somehow you will reach this point without having yet eaten a bug, which is some sort of record

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