June 21, 2013

secret superhero skills: list #32


full disclosure: with the exception of maybe eight items, this is last year's list. I decided to repeat the entire list because frankly 31 sucked pretty hard and I want a do-over. last year I kept it a secret, because I love secrets, but this year I'm broadcasting it to the universe.

here you go, universe.

technically #4 is kind of cheating because I taught myself to juggle last year, but I never got to a place where it was solid so I'm leaving it on here. it's my list so I get to make the rules.

things you need to know if you are a superhero in disguise:

1. swimming
2. 20 minute 5K
3. triathlon-ing
4. juggling
5. bareback riding
6. in-hand showing (cookie)
7. splits
8. hula hooping
9. braids
10. boxing
11. lock picking
12. motorcycle riding
13. oil changing
14. tire changing
15. street art
16. marksmanship
17. self defense
18. ballet
19. burlesque
20. tap dancing
21. pole dancing
22. napoleon dynamite dancing
23. tree climbing
24. rock climbing
25. knot tying
26. geography
27. sailing
28. coding
29. drawing/art
30. cooking (basics)
31. basic bartending
32. french
33. italian

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