May 20, 2013

facts & figures

days worked consecutively without a day off: 18

days off in the last six weeks, prior to yesterday: 2, non-consecutive

work days until I go on furlough: 14 (holy shit)

pages of to-do list to complete before furlough: 3, 8.5 x 14" sized

number of salome errata corrections to make in 14 days: something like 1000

number of days until my birthday: 9

amount I have thought about this birthday: 2 on a scale of 10

be honest: okay, 3 on a scale of 10.

okay OKAY, maybe 3.5

days until the thing I am most looking forward to, which I have not told you about yet: 23

number of presents I received this weekend, of both the thank-you and early-birthday variety: 5

miles I have run in the last few weeks: ..4?

number of pancakes eaten this weekend while my sister was in town: about 12

number of dresses purchased while shopping with my sister: 3

number of dresses purchased that have ponies on them. PONIES: 1

I took today off work and am finding, as I did during galileo, that after so many consecutive days working, it's very difficult to sit still. the looming feeling that there's Something I Have To Do is very strong. this shapeless cloud of guilt is particularly unfun in combination with the fact that I'm still tired and don't really feel like, say, cleaning the house from top to bottom. although I do want the house to be clean from top to bottom. problems.

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