April 3, 2013


right eyebrow, eyelid: age 11, chicken pox

right inside ankle bone: age 11, on vacation with my aunt, uncle and cousins; slipping on the concrete embankment on a section of the james river in jamestown, va, while illicitly trying to dip my feet into the water. nearly required stitches

right index fingertip: age 28, cut open a day before moving out of my apartment while making an egg & cheese sandwich. required 3 stitches

10 inches from top of right breast running diagonally and ending below left breast: age 29, hay-related accident, cut open by being slammed into, and then dangling upside down from, the corner of the bed of the barn's utility vehicle. included an epic hematoma

left knee, thigh side: age 4, pinched in my mother's chain-link watch

lower lip, inside: age 12-16, slowly but irreparably damaged by the pressure of clarinet mouthpiece against mouth against bottom braces

left knee, shin side: age 31, fell while clipped into bike pedals

right thigh, lateral side, visible and palpable dent in the quadricep muscle: age 29, hay-related accident, impaled on the lip of the barn's utility vehicle

lower achilles, both legs: age 31, sustained while wearing new shoes and dancing at cristina's wedding

also of note:

age 3: right hand grabbed and held onto my mother's hot curling iron. bandaged for weeks. no scar.

age 5: while running down the street with my jacket unzipped, which slipped down my arms and kept me from being able to catch myself, fell straight on my face. nose very injured for two weeks; was made fun of at preschool. no scar.

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