April 15, 2013

back of the pack






race #2 in our xdog season pass: the dirty du & dash. (my librarian friend joy and I both have passes; that photo -- and foot -- are hers) we opted not to do the duathlon because we weren't too confident in our mountain biking skills. I wasn't even sure I was going to run the race, because my calf had been acting squirrelly -- kind of out of nowhere -- and the last thing on earth I need is to hurt myself now that I am almost exclusively self-propelled.

we got to hagg lake at 10:26 for a 10:30 start. I was in the bathroom when the horn blew; joy was putting a parking pass on her car. we probably started 3 minutes after everybody else. xdog events are awesome because they are so chill that neither of us really gave a shit about this.

turns out running in the back of the pack is the way I can get away with racing without, well, racing. nobody was really around to compete with. I walked as much as I needed to. I was all alone in the woods. my only regret is that I LOVE trail running and it was a beautiful trail and there is nothing better than opening up and flying through the woods like a deer.

I came in fifth from last. a little sorry I wasn't just straight up dead last. joy, on the other hand, passed about 75 people and won her age group. badass.

otherwise, the weekend consisted of homemade pizza (made entirely because I have about 10 pounds of chard growing in the garden and ... I don't like chard? I don't know why I do these things to myself), netflix, coffee, a phone call with my BFF, a crazy freak hailstorm?!, lady date. lady date is where I got the lilacs, which is what my whole place smells like now and all I want is lilacs forever. they are my very favorite flower.

in an unbelievable turn of events, I am so far ahead at work that I began working on the SECOND show of next season today. I keep wondering what gigantic thing I've forgotten to do. as our orchestra manager once sagely said, "we won't know until they yell at us."

52 more days of work until furlough. two weeks until I present at the MOLA conference. a month until my sister comes for a visit. and I only have one more real weekend until the end of may. batten down the hatches, sailors.

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