February 25, 2013

the haps

working on rinaldo has done something really beneficial for me, in that the work turned out to be less frightening than expected, or at least more satisfying (and therefore less daunting), and I feel that I did a (hopefully) bang-up job on it, though of course we won't know until the orchestra is playing it, which they won't do for another 11 days.

a few days after I delivered the keyboard to our conductor he wrote me an email saying I'm loving my keyboard delivered by this charming and magical lovely woman in an elfin hat!, said hat being of course the one in the picture over there to the right. I am pretty sure I am going to keep this conductor forever and ever and nobody else can have him. paws off, people.

I did this thing over the weekend where I rode my horse two days in a row after riding like once every two weeks or less for the past year, and now I can't walk.

also there has been a ton of barn drama in these last few weeks, the culmination of which was the mass exodus of the riding instructor (whom I have known almost since I moved to portland) and most of her students, a combined total of 7 horses. only me and two other boarders remain. I didn't really even consider leaving; I haven't taken a lesson in over a year and the barn owner is the reason I own a horse at all, so my loyalty remains with her. on sunday she and I arranged to meet at the barn and then drove to the cafe down the street for breakfast, biscuits and gravy and coffee, where we talked about all the stupid drama and what the barn was going to be like in the aftermath. the verdict: quiet. when we got back I let cookie run around for awhile and then rode for a half hour, and got laughing when I took her through some rollbacks and she picked up what I wanted so fast that all I had to do once we'd halted was begin to turn her and say 'go!' and she would take off at a canter. she's too smart for me most of the time.

I went to the garden on sunday after having not been there for six months and it's simultaneously totally overgrown and not as bad as I expected. it's weedier than I thought it would be but the stuff I left to rot in the ground is less daunting than I remembered. the tulips and hyacinths are coming up, so although I tried to disturb the soil as little as possible (it's still too wet and I will ruin everything if I go tearing it all up now), I did weed around all my bulbs so I could actually see them when they flower. unlike in previous years I will probably cut them and bring them home right away, because there's no use having them in the garden when I'm so rarely there.

oh. also I am managing/coaching our softball team this year. yeah, I know. I'm also not sure how it happened. I mean, of course I know how it happened: the player who coached the team last year is not doing it this year and left it up to us to figure out who would take his place. then nobody stepped up and there was fear that we wouldn't have a team at all for the first time in over 10 years and I sat for days thinking this is ridiculous, I don't even have time for my current life and then I wrote everybody an email that said I would do it. so basically the same way I get into anything. I guess I will figure out the hard way how to manage a softball team. any pointers are appreciated.

in the same vein, I'm leading a panel at this year's MOLA conference, which is being held here in portland. it was originally meant to be about opera/ballet galas but the more we've gone back and forth, the more it's looking like it'll turn into 'opera & ballet for the uninitiated,' a panel discussion about all the things that non-dramatic librarians might run into from time to time but know little about, like standard practice for common arias and wtf to do with backstage band music. this is simultaneously my worst nightmare (public speaking) and also, whatever.

in the meantime I'll continue to eat whatever weird dessert food shows up in the break room, like the strange 'mexican candy' marzipan-type balls that ended up there today, which didn't look particularly delicious but had sprinkles on them. and it should be obvious to anyone who's read this blog for half a minute that I will eat anything if it has sprinkles on it.

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