December 10, 2012

little lessons


ho ho 5K this weekend, run with one of my two librarian friends. (the other one was out of town). as evidenced, we dressed up like reindeer. I took my inspiration from my sister dayna's costume from a year ago, down to the harness. we both ran the race in a little under 24 minutes, not remotely close to my PR from last year but that's unsurprising given how little I've been running. it was about as hard as I felt I could go. afterwards we ate snack cakes and hung out with a dude I like and didn't win any raffle prizes. on my way out I stopped and hopped on the swing set, because I couldn't remember the last time I'd been on the swings and that sucks, man. I can only swing for about two minutes before I start to feel seasick.

a little boy was playing nearby with his grandmother and he suddenly felt very social and asked to also go play on the swings, and we had a long discussion about spongebob and elmo and gingerbread houses. his grandmother laughed and said, "I've never seen him so sociable before." I matched my swing height to his because he clearly wanted to go as high as I was. so there we were, a 31-year-old and a three-year-old (four in february), swinging very slightly on the swings.

he said, "sometimes I get scared."
"what do you get scared of?" I asked him.
"of bad guys," he said.
"well, that makes sense," I said. "everybody gets scared sometimes."
"even your daddy gets scared, I think," his grandmother added.
"I try really hard to be brave," he said.
"you know," I replied, "I am a grownup and sometimes I still have to try really hard to be brave."