November 16, 2012

modern-day frustrations

I realized over the course of this week that I haven't been receiving all the texts people are sending me. I knew I was having trouble with my outgoing texts but I didn't realize I was having trouble getting them too. I had a few people tell me in the last few days that they've tried to get in touch and I haven't responded. I feel a weird and semi-embarrassing sense of loss over whatever messages I've missed and will probably never receive. where do they go?

I hacked into my phone back in the spring and I tried to do it again today -- it's been pretty constantly crashing and being an asshole over the course of the last two months -- and now I may or may not have totally broken it.

so all of this is to say that if you've tried to get in touch with me over the last few weeks and I haven't answered it's possible that this is why. and more importantly if you try to get in touch with me now, your messages are probably going straight into the ether. likewise I am unable to contact anybody. it's a good time. I like the idea of forced solitude but maybe it could have waited a day or two.

now back to my regularly scheduled ... whatever it is I talk about on this blog.

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  1. welp, this is pretty much the best weird spam I've ever gotten.