July 9, 2012

sunday road trippin' to the coast with my bike.


when I fell the other day I bent my left brake hood but didn't realize it until I pulled the bike down in manzanita. *sob*

bent hood :'(

manzanita to nehalem falls
(bike route)

life by bike:
river valley
coast range
life by bike
life by bike

got off to go hike down to nehalem falls.
nehalem falls
nehalem falls

then biked back to manzanita.

BFF, necanicum river

taking off your bike shoes and standing in warm beach sand is pretty much the best thing?

by the way, the skinned knee from my fall the other day turned into a pretty awesome bruise, which is hard to capture in a photo, it turns out.
battle scars

and when I got back from the coast, I stopped by my bike shop and they fixed my brake hood in like 45 seconds. the bike tech even remembered my name.

then I got home and ran 3 miles in the 90 degree heat and mopped up and went out for my lady date and made raspberry gin fizzes and ate a ton of cheese as usual and nearly fell asleep during true blood. sunday, nice work.


  1. I love traveling vicariously along with you on these trips! It's like the summer I might do if I were free. (And less sunburn-y.)

  2. I'm so glad! I live in terror of ending the summer and feeling like I didn't get enough SUMMER in. :)