June 28, 2012

so far

days have included:
12 hours of TV
the reading of books
an endless overabundance of berries (rasp, straw)
a meander through powell's
mistaking wednesday for the weekend, already
eating a whole pizza
standard lady date night, where we have moved from ad execs and petulant kings to sexy vampires
sitting in my swimsuit by the river, where unfortunately it clouded over the moment I arrived
a rainy afternoon with a friend, drinking cappuccinos
a 60-mile bike ride to the gorge

at crown point
the view from hwy 30
crossing the sandy river
blue lake
BFFs forever

took the bike in today for its 30-day tune-up (standard issue on new bikes, when all the new cables stretch out a little). might have developed an instant crush on the bike tech, who asked me (when he saw my email address), "are you really a librarian?!" he's going to install shims so the brake levers fit my hands better -- my only complaint about the bike. the BIKE, my bff.

so much to say. not much to say. it takes awhile to unwind myself from the idea of "I have to go to work." I feel a little bit better now than on monday, when I kept being struck by awful guilt, of I should be there. now the prevailing worry is summer already feels too short. hopeless.

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