May 17, 2012


long bike rides with friends
long conversations with friends in the office
the world's most decadent weather
somehow it's a week and a half until my birthday?
bare feet
bike shopping
horse hugs

the berry patch in my garden is out of hand. the flowered kale is as tall as I am. Cookie turned ten last thursday and I got very emotional about it, feeling grateful to have her. she and I are kind of bored with our riding life lately and I think we would both rather be jumping or trail riding or just about anything than going around in endless circles in the dusty arena, as we have done for years.

the other night I was sitting outside at a bar, waiting for a friend to meet me, when a random dude came and said hi and told me he and a buddy had been driving down the street when he saw me and thought I was so cute he had to pull over to talk to me. meanwhile the truth was that I'd just come from a thirty mile bike ride and although I was wearing a sundress, I was covered in a fine layer of dirt and sweat and I hadn't even combed my hair. I attribute this entire situation to my giant celebrity sunglasses.

life. these days when I get home from work there's a long list of things to do, but I often end up crawling into bed and watching TV until the sunlight fades outside. I have giant plans for the summer, but holy jeez louise, I'm tired.

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