April 5, 2012

you know you are overdue for several days totally off work when:

• you have not one but two anxiety dreams about the copy machine at the office. WHY
• you judge all of humanity by the state of the Candide flute part, which:
a) is irreparably bent from the appallingly piss-poor packing job on the publisher's end;
b) has cuts which were obviously marked by the last player and not a librarian, because they look like this


instead of like a clean, straight, easily-erasable line.

• also you know it was probably a college student, because notes above a certain ledger line are written above the noteheads in pencil, and even though I was once that college student, I want to scream, learn to read, for chrissakes

• oh wait, it gets worse when you get to the trombone part. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY


images from the life, lately:






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in other news
I never mentioned it because galileo took over, but I completed my february letter project. thanks, everybody. I received at least five response letters, some of them with very rapid turn-around. I probably have more to say about the letter project but it's been over for a month and I'm tired.

did I mention I swore off cookies and pastries for lent? I'm not a lenten observer but I ate so much cake on fat tuesday that I felt very sad and I decided maybe I would challenge myself. I would like to say "I don't miss cookies" but that would be a giant effing lie.

things are kind of hard right now. very busy, very tired, very relentless. this is a hard time of year for people who are prone to bouts of depression. I am one of those people. it has to do with the rapid change in light. for me, spring is easier than fall, but nevertheless every march or april I go through a period of several weeks where I'd like nothing more than to check out of adulthood, go home to my mom, and eat popsicles. it will pass, but if you wonder why I'm not around the blog much, well, now you know.

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