April 23, 2012


was there ever a more perfect day? 32 miles on my bike, or maybe 33; 20 or so miles in I uncharacteristically stopped when a signature-gatherer called, "are you registered to vote in oregon?" I signed his petition -- a thing I never do -- and as I was finishing filling out the form he said, "if you don't mind my saying so, you are gorgeous."

"since I am already done signing," I replied, smiling, "I'll assume you mean it."

 I biked out to fairview and then back to portland, where I stopped at oaks park. I rode three rides and bought a sno-cone (cherry/watermelon) and blue cotton candy. sad to discover they don't sell the apple-flavored cotton candy anymore; the girl looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for 'the green kind.'

 I ate the sno-cone right away, walking through the nearby wildlife refuge as the paper of the cone began to dissolve. my bike -- actually a friend's bike, on long-term loan -- locked to a nearby post. sno-cones: not as good as snowballs. but acceptable.

people look at you strangely when you get on rides by yourself. a mixture of suspicion and pity. because I'm a girl, I mostly can avoid being seen as a pedophile, so people seem to lean more towards sympathy. what a silly thing. I had so much fun. the bumper cars at oaks park are widely recognized as some of the best out there -- very, very fast, and very, very violent. you hit hard! I have a bruise on one leg now. and the roller coaster there is surprisingly terrifying, for a carnival-style park. it goes upside-down twice, and you float momentarily out of your seat.


as I biked up 52nd, the last long hill, I felt like all I wanted in life was to throw up my arms and flop back into the long grass, sighing in absolute wonderment.

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