February 3, 2012

song: hey jude on repeat, constantly, still. for a lot of reasons but largely because you cannot sing along to hey jude and feel sad, you cannot

time-consuming thing that isn't opera: physical therapy exercises. two weeks ago my PT, chris, gave me four glute/hip exercises and two stretches. last week he was like, "now you WORK," so I am doing 80 reps of those exercises, plus 40 reps of another glute exercise, plus two impossible exercises where I have to isolate just one muscle with my mind and retrain it to obey me on command. plus a quad stretch and a crazy balance that looks like it would be easy but I find next to impossible. also, back stretches.

plus, chris told me, you should start running more. I could have kissed him on the mouth.

internet diversion: ogling modern dresses on modcloth and vintage ones at xtabay. this dress at xtabay makes me feel hurty inside from wanting, but I blew my dress budget for the year on my gala dress. perhaps the shop owner would accept a trade-in.

book: game of thrones, endlessly endlessly. I finished a clash of kings and started ... whatever the hell the next one is called? I was going to take a break from them, but I found this kindle lending loophole where if you don't turn on your wifi, they can't take back the book you got out from the library. and the book I got was game of thrones, books 1-4. so, I'm committed for awhile. can't turn the wifi on my kindle back on for another, oh, 1800 pages.

outfit: anything involving red shoes

guilty pleasure: eating one of every kind of snack in the production office during shows.

hair: curly and windblown, styled by running

pet peeve/blessing: everyone saying "it's spring!" even though it is february 3. but you know, it feels devastatingly spring-like right now.


project: writing a letter a day all month. which reminds me, OH CRAP MY LETTER

barn moment: leaning up against Cookie, my head resting on the top of her shoulder, one arm wrapped around her neck, as she bends to eat her hay.

dream: I've come down with a virus bad enough to be hospitalized, where I have been for two weeks. I don't feel sick, just tired: so tired I fall asleep on monday and wake again on thursday. I try to get things accomplished but I am weighed down by ponderous fatigue; over and over again I tell people, "I've been sleeping for days."

conundrum: being so ready for time off, but finding when I have a free expanse of hours that I am so restless from going that I don't know how to sit still.

people: you know who you are.


seriously, you guys. that dress.


  1. I always feel so inspired to be a more awesome person after reading your blog posts. I mean, a letter a day?! You are cool, Jess!
    (I would love to receive one. PO Box 1346, Philomath, OR 97370.) I might even be subsequently inspired to write one back. :)

  2. I have to admit that, that is a great dress. But it probably is not my size.