January 1, 2012

the life list

also known as the bucket list, the mighty life list, etc. I've been lazily editing this forever; it's very short and a real work in progress.

go local
ride the tram
compete in the adult spelling bee
stay a night at timberline
go to the pendleton round-up
catch razor clams
go to the drive in
take the shanghai tunnel tour
ride the train to canada

be brave
sing karaoke
take a ballroom dance class
visit a country whose language I don't speak
shave my head
get a tattoo

do a split
run a sub-3:45 marathon
run a sub 20 5K
compete in a triathlon
knit a sweater
take a ballet class
keep a 5-year journal
pay off my credit cards
go to the stupid orthodontist
learn to sew

ride in a foxhunt
summit mt. hood
ride horses in mongolia

the eiffel tower
the uffizi
the crazy traffic jams of india
a white sand beach in the caribbean
the northern lights
la scala
machu picchu

war & peace
the pulitzer winners
a catcher in the rye (it's embarrassing but I admit I've never finished it. worst english major ever)

james bond
godfather II, III
the best picture oscar winners

become fluent in french
become proficient in italian, german
drive a stick shift
take good photos
do a good free handstand (not against the wall)
shoot a gun

meet all my siblings
tape an interview with my grandmother
get a dog

everything else
slide down a bannister
slide down a fire pole
get published
wear a cape


  1. Come stay with me, woman. I will let you accomplish the following:
    *drive a stick shift
    *shoot a gun

    Easily accomplished with one day at the farm. :) Good list, btw! It's very inspiring!

  2. I should stipulate that I've shot a gun before, but would like to actually be a good shot, understand the mechanics, do it all safely, etc.

    I actually learned to drive stick shift on my grandmother's pig farm, in a 1981 Chevelle that was missing the driver side floorboard. I had to learn in her mowed-over cornfield, which wasn't big enough to get any higher than second gear. And the occasional corn stalk would shoot up into the car. So, that's why I still can't drive stick.

  3. but anyway, I would still love to come stay on the farm :)

  4. Oh my god, let's go to Voicebox! Small room karaoke is the best. And then watch the Godfathers!

  5. Singing in public is a real fear of mine -- I categorically DO NOT SING for people, period (I think this is a hilarious side effect of working in opera). So a resounding YES to Voicebox. Although I wonder, in thinking about it, if actually what I really want to do eventually is sing at like, Tony Starlight's, or somewhere equally terrifying. Baby steps.

    And yes, let's follow that shit up with the Godfathers. Didn't you just watch one last night?! I'd have to rewatch the first one; it's been awhile.

  6. We could start at Voicebox then move to the Alibi and then you can get all crazy with Tony Starlight's. :)

    The Godfather is one of my favorite movies, so I'll always rewatch if you want to. I wish I had invited you!

  7. Then we could have Bachelor-ed together. I actually only caught it by accident last night but I am so sad because somehow I MISSED THE HORSE.

  8. And you love horses! For shame!