December 7, 2011


so, vegas.


we jumped on the beds. (seriously.)

we went ziplining down fremont street.

we played the penny slots. (and collectively we might have won enough money for a coffee.)

we walked A LOT. that place is like new york in terms of walking. they trap you in those casinos and you're forced to go, I know there's a parking garage here somewhere, because the car's in it...


we ran the half. having a night race meant we kind of accidentally spent the whole day walking. also I had kung pao chicken for breakfast and probably like three cups of coffee. bad choices. it was okay.

my full write-up of the race is forthcoming on the run oregon blog, but on the whole, our personal experience was okay leaning towards disappointing. the event itself was catastrophic. we couldn't hit our intended goal time (2 hours) because there were just too many people. my right IT band, which has never been a problem ever ever ever, had suddenly flared up on friday and caused me a tremendous amount of pain beginning almost instantly at the start of the race. bad enough that I let dayna go on without me; bad enough that I actually burst into tears at one point. I would have gladly DNFed if there had been any medical tent anywhere who could have transported me to the finish, but as it was, I mostly chose to keep running on my leg because the only alternative was walking, and that was worse.

I have moved mountains in the last day and a half to heal -- employing every single behavioral, dietary, and medicinal trick in the book -- and I can almost bend the leg again without pain. almost. I'm currently wearing a bag of frozen corn on my knee.

otherwise, we had fun but we were both glad to be back in our beds. vegas is exhausting. half-marathons are exhausting. being surrounded by 44,000 people is exhausting. I still haven't caught up on sleep.

in vaguely related news, here is the nike cross nationals video I shot a month ago. I am visible for a split second at 0:35, just before the announcer introduces Andrew Wheating.

hopefully I'll be running like that again soon. I was supposed to run two back-to-back 5Ks this weekend (one Saturday, one Sunday) and I am super bummed at the possibility of missing them. SHAPE UP, LEG.

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