November 28, 2011

thanksgiving weekend


gingerbread dough
the template
more house pieces
the parade, obvs
(that's the macy's parade, an absolutely essential part of any thanksgiving morning kitchen activities)
(don't ask about the bottle of lighter fluid on the floor.)

the shingles
two pounds of royal icing
(two pounds -- TWO. POUNDS.-- of royal icing. which later erupted out of the bag and oozed ungracefully down the length of both of my arms before I could contain it.)

mini gingerbread house

the point of the mini gingerbread house
the whole point of five hours of baking.

song time
sing-along. mostly the beatles.

I don't remember taking this photo
I don't remember taking this photo of myself, probably because people kept handing me manhattans?

not pictured: sleep in, watch trashy daytime TV, feel sorry about overeating. lay on chaise. knit.

ride horse. discover horse has developed, because of her two relative beginner riders, obnoxious habit of tossing head in the air to evade work. remind horse that she does not get to have an opinion about work.

read half of the girl with the dragon tattoo.

make crafts, paint nails.
craft day


not pictured: throw cover crop seeds into garden. pick wilted-looking heirloom purple brussels sprouts. ride horse -- now a reformed citizen -- for the majority of the afternoon.

actually, I guess I don't have ANY pictures of saturday. sorry, blog.


run hot buttered run. vow not to go hard but discover I am not psychologically programmed to run a race without racing. start from the back of the pack, weave for two miles around everybody, get stuck behind a train for four minutes. in those four minutes, befriend a lady who has apparently been following me for the whole race and who's wearing the same shirt as me. we run together for another half mile or so before I motor away.

meet heather at sizzler for lunch.

sizzler charm.

sizzler was on her mighty life list. specifically, the unlimited shrimp they advertise was on her mighty life list. unfortunately in order to get the unlimited shrimp you had to get a steak, too. TRICKSY. it turned out OK because the shrimp wasn't really that great, and actually all you need is an unlimited taco bar and a soft serve machine. and fried chicken.

you guys. YOU GUYS. here is the best part of the weekend.

the cub

that is a tiger pillow. a latch hook tiger pillow. that heather made me. as a sizzler thank you. and also because she knows how much I like tigers.

I'm pretty sure it ties my entire living room together. for the record, the zebra print blanket is a snuggie and it was already on the chaise -- this is not a staged photo.

tiger cub says, come closer.
cub says, come closer



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