October 30, 2011

we're teching figaro. it's a comedy, but I can't get through it without crying. it's usually in one of two places, both of them in act IV -- one, a relatively insignificant moment, when figaro tricks susanna into thinking that he's trying to seduce the countess (after susanna, dressed as the countess, has tricked figaro into thinking she was trying to seduce the count); it is dark, they are lit by lanterns, and after tormenting her he finally reveals that he knows who she is. the translation of what he says is, "be at peace, my dear -- I recognized the voice I love." "my voice?" she asks, and he repeats, yes, the voice I love.

the second is the final moment, when the countess forgives the count for all he has done -- which is a lot. the forgiveness music is poignant, calm, joyous, but also maybe a little tinged with grief; there is a lot of grief in figaro, actually.

on tuesday night, of course it was dove sono that got me.

perchè mai, se in pianti e in pene per me tutto si cangiò, la memoria di quel bene dal mio sen non trapassò?
tell me about it, rosina.

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