October 6, 2011


- drinking too much coffee for my own good
- wearing rainbow tube socks, a gift from my BFF


- experimenting with a new blog layout, then deleting it, then breaking my blog, then being very frustrated with breaking my blog, and then putting it all back the way it was originally and throwing up my hands
- watching a lot of korean tv. I can't even explain this to you
- numbering measures in Figaro orchestra parts, which means writing the measure number at the start of each line of music, which means counting each measure. which means having counted 73,406 measures of music in less than a week, that is the honest to god real number
- taking a deep breath and accepting the rain
- working too much to run, some days
- reaching out as much as I can, as hard as I can, to the people I love
- trying to get The Horse back into some sort of rideability after more than two months of not riding
- and then trying to find someone to lease said horse
- extensive writing: next season's opera brochure, this season's studio artist recital postcard, the opera blog, oregonlive's running blog, this blog
- extensive editing: the season brochure, the season guide, the next opera program, study guides for the season, the curriculum for the outreach tour, the opera blog, this blog
- worrying about the aphids eating all my beautiful heirloom brussels sprouts, without actually doing anything about it
- nearly eating a lot of small bugs, in the form of ants in my kitchen, fruit flies in my wine, and aphids on my kale. barf.
- continuing to troll the craigslist bike ads for my stolen bianchi, and to eyeball every cyclist who passes by
- trying to figure out how to preserve all the tomatoes without the tedious process of canning
- dreaming revealing dreams: being shot in the heart (twice, at point blank range); stealing my bike back in the middle of downtown; being eaten by sharks; trying to bike the marathon course and getting lost, stuck on a bridge.
- longing

things are relentlessly busy. it's okay. I put my head down and look at the next thing and go. yesterday I worked from home, bundled in blankets in the living room, refusing to turn on the heat despite the damp cold. today I'm tired, and worried about my people. the worry doesn't do anything useful, but I can't help it.

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