October 17, 2011

full weekend

PHEW, people. sweet jesus.

I ran the final fit right nw adventure run of the year. you have an hour to run to various businesses around town to pick up raffle tickets, and then hope you win something. it was a short route this time, or maybe I just strategized better. I had a pair of very lightweight shoes on trial for the evening, and I don't know if it was that or the good mood I was in or just things finally coming together, but I ran the absolute crap out of the route. I felt like I was just flying. I hit every stop, stopped at the restroom, and was back to the start by 6:35. I managed to be the very first one to stop at one of the locations, and was among the first 10 to finish. seriously -- crazy. I obviously looked as fast as I felt: not long after I came back, a guy approached me and asked me how fast my mile splits were, because he'd passed me a few times out on the road and I looked like I was cruising. I had no idea, because I never stopped my watch during the run, so my recorded pace was affected by all the stops I made. he ended up standing and chatting with me for the entire raffle drawing, invited me to a group run, and gave me his number (unsolicited). there was no un-awkward way of saying, "sorry, unfortunately I'm still in love with my ex and 100% not into dating, but thanks anyway."

THEN! I won the first raffle prize of the night, a free entry to the Hot Buttered Run!

THEN!! I bought some cake pops and fetched my sister from the airport. we caught up for awhile, had a hilarious series of misadventures trying to inflate the air mattress, and went to bed.

I dropped D at spin class and went to work. she hung out downtown with a friend while I went to lunch with my boss and the general director. then, stuffed full of huevos rancheros, dayna and I went running shoe shopping, where she promptly convinced the sales guy to give me 10% off one pair of shoes (I bought 2 pairs; the other pair was already on sale) AND to throw in the very comfortable sample socks I was wearing for free.

my new shoes are REAL PRETTY. shoes got very bright and shiny and happy while I was injured.


then I dragged her down to the barn so I could feed; she got an impromptu lesson on how to feed apples to big doofy horses from a barn friend. we bought fancy nail kits and candy, tried on costumes (see previous post), and went home to order pizza, watch TV, and do our nails.

i'm pretty

I was ready to crash by 9.

we ran the second in team red lizard's stumptown cross series, the first of which I reviewed a few weeks ago. dayna's hip was acting up, so she called it a day at the 2 mile mark, but fortunately she still got her money's worth -- they called her number in the raffle and she won a free race shirt. :)

afterwards we hit the nike outlet, showered, and spent most of the afternoon wandering up and down nw 23rd, ogling boots and jewelry and a bunch of weird stuff at this amazing little vintage/antique/weird pop-up store.

world's creepiest hamburgler
side tricep.

not pictured: E.T. jewelry, N*sync MARIONETTE (no joke), crocheted penis sling (also no joke).

we also hit the peculiarium.


we tried to get some salmon chowder down at stanford's, only to discover they'd closed, so we ended up getting burgers at hopworks and then coming home and crashing.

we went to bikram. the room was 111 degrees (seriously) and although the heat didn't bother me, I'm quite certain I've never produced so much sweat in my life. after class I was 2 pounds lighter than when I'd woken up.

then we went to dim sum and ate NOODLES. and chicken feet.

chicken foot.

then we drove out to the nike employee store in beaverton, where dayna could get in without an employee pass because she has a military I.D. I dropped her off and got a coffee. we were hoping to score some sweet stuff (everything is 50% off retail) but most of it was still too expensive to be worth it.

then we came home, talked about our emo high school years, and drove around singing ace of base -- as sung by the chipmunks. (this is an actual thing). we ate pancakes and bacon for dinner. we watched extreme makeover: home edition. then we went to bed. (OK, I went to bed).

then I stuck her on a plane at 6 this morning and came home to crash. I tweaked something in my neck -- this is the second time this year -- and I can't turn my head. the pain is coming from a terrifically bad knot in my neck and shoulder, and radiates up my head, down my arm, and into my back. it's awesome!

up this week:
put the garden to bed
ride the horse
run some miles
try and kill my 5K PR at saturday's race
orchestra rehearsal
do something with the massive amount of unripe tomatoes in my kitchen (over 20 pounds, I think)
burger date

say a prayer for me.

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