September 7, 2011

the universe presents a single note of kindness

twice in the past week I have accidentally found myself in the exact spot where Scott and I met. I don't think I ever walked by it the entire time we dated. it was march 4. he was wearing a green shirt. I can still remember the conversation we had, even though it was brief.

today, suddenly coming upon it again, I was overcome by sadness. I passed a man who was about to get on his bike. he was standing in the grass. as I walked by, he looked up. "that's a very nice dress you're wearing," he said, simply. I smiled and thanked him. it was the dress Scott bought me on my birthday. although I felt as sad as I had before, I also said thank you, out loud, to the universe, for reaching out with one kind word at a moment when I needed it.


when a life is over,
the one you were living for,
where do you go?
-- anne sexton

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