August 17, 2011


blog, in any given day I feel grief, doubt, hope, fear, unbridled love, hurt, and relief. I could possibly run through that whole spectrum of emotions in an hour. my friends, without whom I would surely be a lunatic right now, patiently listen to me and hug me and let me eat their candy. they understand when I can't stop talking about MY FEELINGS. they gently remind me that, you know, meals are a good idea, and on days when I haven't even been able to bring myself to brush my hair, they have politely pretended I looked OK.

I am intensely thankful for them. they are oftentimes the kind gesture from the universe.

in an email this morning one of them asked how I was. "I am doing the things you're supposed to do," I replied, "although not with very much heart." so it goes. blog, we have to keep things rolling around here or I will bore you all to tears with my sorrow.

speaking of tears, I unexpectedly burst into tears when our general director, today in the copy room, kindly told me he'd heard I was having a hard time and gave me a hug. so now I'm pretty sure I've officially cried in front of everyone on the planet. if you feel left out, let me know and I'm sure I can oblige you.

anyway. I have a garden. perhaps you remember. it turns out that a heavy dose of chicken poop and a little benign neglect go a long way. before I left for the beach, everything was ... small- to medium-sized? then I set up a bunch of soaker hoses, threw down a bunch of chicken manure, and left town for two weeks. I thought, 'well, hopefully it doesn't die.'

observe the magic of nature:

knee-high lettuce.

a kale jungle.

edamame, sunflowers, and volunteer cilantro are crammed tight in one corner.

brussels sprouts!!!
HOLY CRAP THE BRUSSELS SPROUTS. they are gargantuan. no sprouts yet, but it's still pretty warm outside.

the peas just kept producing. you should have seen how long it took me to shell them all one night.

the pole beans.

okay, hold on. we gotta talk about the pole beans. these are malibu beans, a strain I bought from territorial seed based on their nice catalog write-up. UM, guys. these beans. well, look:


I threw in the tomato for scale. That is easily ten pounds of beans. I picked them in ONE WEEK. I am up to my ears in beans. the entire vegetable drawer of the fridge? full of beans. and they are SO AWESOME. look how big they are!



OK, I'm better. back to the garden.

the tomatillos are outrageous. they nearly didn't make it, remember? and now they're branched out all over the place, and totally full of adorable little green papery lantern-shaped husks. that will hopefully fill with tomatillo so I can have jars and jars of salsa verde.

THE FENNEL IS TALLER THAN ME, pardon my stupid face

peppers, which are now beginning to turn their respective colors (purple and yellow)

the edible flower bed. I planted the entire packet of seeds in that row, so they're all over each other. I have very little idea what any of it is, save a few of the herbs, but they're supposed to be the following:
Cornflower 'Polka Dot Mix'
Dianthus 'Wee Willie'
Pansy 'Swiss Giants'
Mint, Lemon
Johnny Jump-Up
Hyssop, Lavender
Daisy, English

so, there you have it. there are some that are just gorgeous. I've eaten a few. the dark blue ones taste lemony, very subtle. I'm hoping to grab a whole bunch this weekend, both for salads and for around the house. I also have edible mums that you can eat about one petal of before the taste is totally overwhelming.

the best part: bees!


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