June 3, 2011

garden update: June 2

because of the birthday and the moving and the looming work furlough, I hadn't been out to the garden in what seemed like AGES. things! they grow! I might actually have vegetables at some point.

the strawberries have their first teensy berries. yay!

the raspberry continues to try and stage a coup:

the peas!!!!! they are knee-high. they are growing so fast I'm almost convinced I could sit and watch them get taller.

I put in a second round of tomatoes. lord help them. it's still chilly at night but hopefully it's warm enough by now, RIGHT PORTLAND?

I also planted my tomatillo seedlings, which are probably already dead. remind me next year that I hate having to start seeds indoors.

I put the brussels sprouts seedlings in as well. I have more confidence in their survival chances. the rubines will be PURPLE! yay.

garlic: knee-high. beginning to grow scapes? (I think). and probably in need of a nitrogen boost. the tulips are over for the season and have been deadheaded.

the chive blossoms are going strong. a certain someone had one the other night and is a convert.

the sage is blossoming too and I have no idea if the flowers are edible. somebody remind me to google that.

the bronze fennel survived from last season and is another plant that's threatening to take over the entire garden. I find offshoots of it all over the place. STOP THAT

the fancy italienischer lettuce is beginning to need thinning, which is going to make me sad because I hate pulling up plants! even if they make delicious baby greens.

teeny kale and chard:

super SUPER teeny broccoli seedlets, which I hope will survive:

the bell peppers I planted in late april (wtf, jess?) which I'm pretty sure will probably never produce fruit.

I'm fast running out of space and still have some things to plant which will hopefully fit. you can write it all on a piece of paper but still until you get it in the ground, see how it spreads, etc, it's all conjecture. (at least for me). hopefully soon I'll be able to put the cucumbers, pole beans, and edamame in the ground. the weekend weather calls for eighty degrees PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY JESUS and hopefully it heralds the beginning of warmer weather, because we sure could use it.

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