June 1, 2011



I'm 30 now.

30. 30. 30.

I think I am officially a "grown-up." (I think.)

I threw myself a party which will forever be remembered as the envy of all eight-year-olds anywhere.

there was a candy buffet:

there were party favors, and a beautiful unicorn (pinata).

there were friends (and a bonus boyfriend).

there were burgers.

there was a BEAUTIFUL CAKE. I made it myself!
beautiful cake
(with thanks to jesse for the photo)

there were also coloring pages (featuring the smurfs, the flintstones, star wars, monchichi, the little miss bossy characters, peeps, sesame street, and sailor moon), and a frisbee nobody used because it was TOO FREAKING COLD. so cold I had to wear a sweater, a hat, and a scarf for the whole party.

a certain someone gamely manned the teeny tiny grill all afternoon. about 25 of my friends showed up, including the aforementioned jesse and her husband and her wee tiny toddler, who is just about the single most adorable kid ever, and who was overcome with a debilitating case of shyness when we were introduced. so cute! one of my coworkers brought her husband and nine-year-old daughter, and said daughter was SUPER EXCITED about the candy buffet and indulged in all of the party favors, much to my sincere delight. I hope she didn't puke on the car ride home. she wrote me the sweetest birthday card and included a little necklace! proving that I was right to try and model my birthday after that age group -- they are the best.

so, now I am 30. there is a lot of leftover cake and candy, and a friend brought me a delicious box of goodies from one of the nearby bakeries, so I'm still surviving on a high-sugar diet. I finally finished moving (yesterday) and I wrapped up at the opera last week. today is technically my fourth day off work, although it still feels like a long weekend. I'm recovering from the entire month of may, which was EXHAUSTING. observe:


I'm still working on compiling the 30 list. as for 29, I finished just 12 of the 29 things I set out for myself, although it would have only been 11 had scott not taken me at the eleventh hour to have cupcakes at saint cupcake as part of his birthday celebration for me on saturday. (the rest of our saturday celebration was wonderful; it involved carnival rides, a sun dress, a nice dinner, and A MUPPET among other things).

I also got a kindle for my birthday, from my wonderful mama, and I've already finished reading one book on it. bringing my 2011 reading total to a shamefully bad THREE BOOKS. that is cringe-inducing, no joke.


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  1. Jess,

    A few things:
    I love your birthday lists. They are so perfectly Jess. I hope your birthday was superb.
    I love your gardens. They make me want to grow everything I eat.
    I love updates on your horse. It brings me back to my pony-days.