May 2, 2011

this weekend was eugene marathon weekend, which I was supposed to run. I don't want to talk about it. my back and hip are as bad as ever, or worse. it's been very hard on me emotionally.

s & I went to the tulip festival saturday. they've extended the festival since the tulips bloomed so late this year. I would really like a front yard covered in tulips like this, aren't they so happy? they had rows and rows of single colors, but I liked the mix best.

by happy accident the tulip festival had a whole bouncy-house section. scott had never been in one, can you believe it?! there were a bunch of options -- some slides, a few playhouse styles, but none of the straight up, big-giant-bouncy-room types of my childhood. we opted for the bouncy obstacle course. there were two kids in there with us, and I'm pretty sure they thought we were really scary big people. (we let them go ahead of us so we wouldn't run them over). in case it's not clear, scott thought it was really fun. he even skinned his knee like a real kid!

yesterday was a banner weather day -- we woke up to SUNSHINE! after another week of rain -- so we took a long walk around my neighborhood.






I have a lot of big things coming up, which is why I haven't been around the blog much. there are just 18 more days of work until my 11 weeks of furlough sabbatical. I gave notice at my apartment today, so I'll spend the next 29 days rapidly packing/selling things/standing around the apartment looking lost. and then I'll be 30! I have a gigantic birthday party to plan.


  1. That's a damn good-looking couple. I'm sorry your body is giving so much grief but I'm glad other parts of your life are good. :)

  2. aww, thanks Heather! We look so hilariously serious.