May 13, 2011

momentary hiatus

blog world, if you're wondering where I've been (and where I'll probably continue to be, rather than blogging), I am busy fretting over the following monumental life-changing events:

-- packing most of everything I own and driving it to a storage unit, where it will live all summer. this involves a complicated process of saying, "am I going to need this?" to everything I put in a box. why? because I'm
-- preparing to move in with Scott for the summer. NO BIG DEAL GUYS. of course it's a big deal but if I think about how it's a big deal I'll crumble under the weight of Big Deals. we have to stay cool, people.
-- moving in with Scott means I have to give the cats back to Cristina. I joke about hating cats, but I am going to be really, really sad. they are my best lap companions. sure, they eat the papers on my table and chew through my books and throw up on the rug and pull down the stuff on the walls and steal my makeup brushes and wake me up every morning at 7 AM, but they are also super friendly and snuggly and they have never once, ever, even thought about scratching anyone or biting anyone or even being mean. this is probably because Cristina and I used to do things like this:


and this:

bath time!

along with swinging them in bags, playing "tick tock clock" (where you hold the cat under the armpits and swing them like the ticking kitty clock), spinning them around on the wood floor, and so forth. that plus perhaps a naturally sweet disposition turned them into these cats:


I am really, really going to miss them.

wee baby luna, OMG
she used to be so skinny
bella's long neck
little luna

cats in boxes
cats in boxes, part 2
all growed up
shoulder cat
april 28

-- wrapping up at work. I am in the middle of a big project, converting a written-out baroque opera arrangement into printed notation. it is the single most tedious, mind-numbing thing I've worked on at the opera. I've been working from home two days a week because only the insipid stories of daytime TV can occupy just the right ratio of my brain to make me not go crazy from the boredom. plus, if I'm going to endlessly click and drag all day (which is basically what I'm doing), at least I can wear my pajamas.

I have eight more days in the office.

-- then I'm going to be unemployed for 11 weeks. WOO? no seriously, woo. also, ACK.

-- there's another Big Thing happening at work but I'll tell you about it next week.

-- continuing to manage my mystery injury. I had a couple of incredibly bad pain weeks where I was crying a lot. then, strangely, I had an entire day without back pain! for no obvious reason. now it seems like things are ... improved? although my back still hurts. I went back to the physiatrist and I am headed to physical therapy at the end of the month. which unfortunately is one of the few benefits on my plan that has a high deductible so I'm paying for it out of pocket. sad.

-- planning my gigantic 30th birthday party, which involves securing a permit for a large picnic shelter in one of portland's parks, renting a cotton candy machine, finding a charcoal grill, building a candy buffet, finding party favors, searching for a party dress, inviting everyone I know, and basically making a ton of chaotic lists. I've only been able to do a few things so far (secure the space, rent the cotton candy maker, buy the grill) because I'm TOO BUSY WITH EVERYTHING ELSE. lord help me.

-- turning 30 OMG.

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  1. I'm sorry you're losing the kitties but hooray for cohabitating! And I hope your back keeps improving . . . fingers are crossed!