May 16, 2011

#1 saturday


I went to the farmer's market, in hopes of scoring some new tomato starts (to replace the ones I killed by planting them too early, and which I have been just DESPONDENT over for weeks), and a bundle of lilacs to sniff compulsively before it's too late. And LO AND BEHOLD!!! The wonderful folks at Westwind Gardens not only had a stand full of veggie starts, but had 3 of the 4 heirloom varieties I had killed. I thought they were unreplaceable! The first one I spotted was the Ananas Noire plant, quickly followed by the Chocolate Cherry, and I'm not kidding, I almost cried. I didn't manage to find any currant tomatoes, but I was growing them mainly as a novelty, so I replaced them with a Dr. Wyche's plant. I also picked up a purple pepper plant, a lime basil, and some tarragon. And a beautiful bunch of dark purple lilacs for $6. I thanked the farmer so profusely, I'm sure they thought I was a lunatic.

I basically skipped out of the farmers market feeling like a million bucks.

I stopped at the garden. I am SO ANTSY to plant the next round of things. SO. ANTSY. But the soil temperature hovers around 60 degrees (which the nice lady at the farm stand was impressed by) and I'm gunshy about planting some of my 55* seeds until I'm CERTAIN it's going to stay warm enough.

The peas! They grow!

and reach for the trellis:

the raspberry now requires constant vigilance or it threatens to take over the whole bed.

the strawberries have flowers!

my fancy lettuce is coming up! (and also my kale and cabbage, but they didn't photograph well)

the arugula and cilantro have recovered from their chill. (see here and here)

the chive blossoms are opening! YUM.

the monarda was showing very troubling signs of suffering from the cold so I put a blankie over it. please live, little bee balm! you were expensive.

in case you're wondering what a sad, cold tomato plant looks like, it's this. RIP, white currant.

my tulips are getting to the end of their lifespan. they have that exploded-out look about them.
(I love those little baby ones growing from the larger ones. And don't you love the neighboring DANDELION garden in the background? Whoever owns that garden better get their butts out there soon)

I have two mystery weeds growing in my tulip patch, and I'm pretty sure they're actually radicchio coming up from last season's roots? I haven't tasted it but it sure looks like a head of salad to me.

I cut back the flowers of the hyacinth and what remains looks like an alien hand.

THEN! I got home and discovered that my Wintec saddle, which I had out on consignment for months at a tack store downtown, and which I had posted to ebay last week, had 10 bids on it and was selling for $45 more than I'd hoped to get! It ended up selling for $106 more than my original asking price.

then Scott came and said hi. I hadn't seen him in days! I don't have a picture of him from Saturday so here is a picture of him holding a parrot.

then I moved a bunch of stuff and packed a bunch of stuff and took it to my storage unit. and my side mirror fell off again. so, -1, saturday.

then I went home and took some cold medicine and fell asleep under the cats at 9:30.

Sunday I woke up feeling tremendously worse and basically staggered to the couch, where I floundered off and on for the better part of the day, sniffling and feeling like a poor little bunny. Scott came over briefly and we ate bacon. I watched some terrible movie with The Rock in it. I called my mom. Then at 4 PM or so I finally got too restless and loaded some things into the car and drove them over to storage. When I got back, I posted a crappy old saddle to the free section of craigslist, one I bought years ago as decoration before I actually owned a horse. ten minutes later a guy emailed and said he'd love to use it for his donkey. I said, "sure, it's yours, when do you want to come over?" and then didn't check my email again. half an hour later, he knocked on my door. apparently they were trying to teach the donkey to carry a rider (his daughter). I was so happy to be rid of it and he was so happy to have it!

then I dropped off a key for Cristina, who's staying at a friend's place overnight, and stopped for some ANGEL FOOD CAKE frozen yogurt. OMG yum.

on my way home at the end of the night, I got the following email, from the donkey saddle guy:

one ecstatic girl the whole ride home! she was busy telling me everything we might need to make it work . . . which means that maybe the donkey will finally start to work on something other than mowing the lawn!

truly a super exciting note to end the weekend on.

thanks again,



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  1. Part of me can't believe someone in Portland owns a donkey and then the other part thinks, "Of course somebody in Portland owns a donkey."

    And now I sort of want a donkey.

    I'm totally jealous of your weekend--it sounds perfect. :)