April 22, 2011

this just in

some updates:

cristina is back from australia and was here visiting last week. we ate grasshoppers, had a few drinks, played board games, went to costco, and fawned over the cats. you know, the same as before.

in the garden, the tulips are all up.



and I'm sad/frustrated to discover that my queen of the nights, which were supposed to be BLACK or very close, are a very conservative burgundy. ripoff!

they are still pretty. just not as emo as black tulips.

the cold -- I DON'T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT -- has been slowly killing my arugula and cilantro. observe.



I think they'll make it, though.

the hyacinths are on their way out already. sadface.


I built a really ghetto trellis for the raspberry.


it only has four long vines (from last season). the rest of the plant is still in the bushy low phase, so there's not much else to trellis. I'll probably get exactly 14 raspberries this year. IT'S OKAY.

the chives are about to produce chive blossoms. MY FAVORITE. flowers that taste like onions!


the rest of my plants came from territorial seed yesterday. 5 tomato plants, 2 peppers, and a flower. they're in my car right now. I'm conflicted about whether I should plant them or not. too cold? probably too cold.


the worm bin is ready. what, you don't keep a rubbermaid bin full of worms under your kitchen sink? I do.


they make really nice compost.


it's kind of like magic! that used to be old produce. occasionally they try to escape.

off-topic: the problem with having a community garden plot is that sometimes you feel really crazy when you've been talking to the worms in your garden and you look up and realize the person in the neighboring garden is there. and can hear you.

outside of the garden, I have been getting to the barn just a little more often to longe Cookie. I bought a set of vienna reins to help guide her to a correct head position. she threw a little baby tantrum the first day I used them but now she's gotten used to her lot in life. she will be NINE in just a few weeks, and she better start being a respectable horse because she has no excuse anymore.

I may get back on said horse this weekend for some very light walking and perhaps trotting. or maybe not.

I continue to suffer from the same level of back/hip pain as ALWAYS AND FOREVER and I did in fact finally break down and lose it last weekend, when I cried through an entire dance show scott & I went to because it made me so emotional to see people using their bodies without pain. I went and had a wicked massage yesterday that was great but immensely painful, and today the skin around my psoas hurts to even brush with a shirt. which I consider a job well done. the massage therapist made me happy when he said, 'wow, you're really muscular!' and then, working on my psoas, 'geez, this thing is AWFUL!'

it is my singular task in life to be over this pain by my birthday. my thirtieth birthday. which is in 37 days, not that I'm counting.

there are many things on the list which will, because of my physical maladies, have to remain undone. I can probably still eat that cupcake, though.

speaking of cupcakes, I have made two attempts at baking cadbury creme eggs, my very favorite candy ever, into cupcakes. both attempts have failed. for the first attempt I just threw them into each unbaked cupcake. they turned into lumps of hard caramelized sugar in the center, and exploded out the top. so next I tried freezing them (I used cadbury MINI creme eggs), but then the batter was too runny and the eggs sunk to the bottom and melted. so on my third attempt -- because I know I can get it -- I'm going to thicken up the batter, use FULL sized creme eggs (which will freeze better), and coat them in flour to help them stay suspended in the batter.

it turns out that one of the hazards of living alone is that you will inevitably eat all the leftover batter out of the bowl, and then you will immediately feel sick and sad about your life.

this weekend's plans include:

standing in the garden hoping something will grow
smoking cigars
drinking whiskey
picking dandelions
riding my horse?
bathing my horse?
making hot cross buns
going to bikram
riding my bike?
cleaning the bathtub (wooo)
opening the windows
feeling homesick on easter, which was one of my favorite days of the year when I was a child
eating too much cake batter (again)

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  1. i love your to-do lists! so inspiring, I have to put making to-do lists on my to-do list. x o