April 9, 2011

The sky always looks like that

portland weather just sucks right now. do you hear me, portland?! IT SUCKS!

seriously. this morning it was 39 degrees. look, I know I lived for six years in upstate new york but WHATEVER because it's warmer in syracuse right now than it is in portland.

it's reached a point where every day that I wake up and it looks like the above outside I just want to pull out a fistful of my hair and go back to bed until july.


I haven't strung the twine yet but I've finished the pole bean trellis. it's 8 feet tall. I feel pretty good about it, although other peoples' are prettier. whatever, other people.

Pole bean trellis

I'm mostly finished the pea trellis, which looks totally janky but will do the job. it turns out chicken wire is like the single most frustrating material on earth. it rolls back up on itself, won't stay bent the way you put it, and will cut into your finger when you're not paying attention. my mom built two chicken coops by herself and while I already thought she was a rockstar, I did have to call her and go, "sweet jesus, really?" after I finished the trellis.

here it is before the wire went up. after I took this picture I had to pull all four stakes, weigh down the wire with various rakes from the toolshed, and painstakingly nail the mesh into each stake. because I didn't think to ask if a certain someone has a staple gun until I was already working on the trellis, and stubbornness/impatience wins out every time. of course, he does. go figure.

my hyacinths! they are up! I can't take a good picture to save my life so here's a bad one for you. you're welcome.

I planted hyacinths because they smell similar to lilacs, which are my favorite flowers in life and which of course I can't plant in a community garden plot.

my lettuce seedlings are up. they are so wee.
Littlest lettuce

this is what I meant when I said the raspberry is plotting to take over the garden. as long as I get some berries, we're cool. unfortunately most of the fruit will come next year, since all those little sprouted canes are from this year. (raspberry is a 2-year perennial: new vines one year, which produce fruit in year 2). I need to stake last year's canes or I will get, like, one berry.
The raspberry expands

at home, my seedlings are not faring so well. the tomatillos, fortunately, were slower growers and are doing ... okay. the brussels sprouts got really leggy and most of them fell over. I rigged up this contraption. I didn't take a picture of the final precarious arrangement but it involves several pillows, the wires from two paper lanterns (but no shades), two CFLs, a curtain rod, and the pipe cleaners. I might have to plant a second round of brussels sprouts but I'm secretly hoping these guys will pull through. they're not dead yet.
pipe cleaner gardening

the peas are sprouting but they're also constantly getting the soil they're planted in washed away, so that every time I get to the garden I have errant pea seeds all over the place. thanks, rain.

it should be time soon to plant pole beans and broccoli and a bunch of other stuff but it is TOO COLD. I think I might put in a row of kale, though.

also, every time I've gone to the garden in the last three days -- EVERY TIME -- it has started hailing. I hate you, portland.

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